Alright everyone. We are sad to announce that WAG is no more. The most important thing is that the four of us are still best friends. You just wake up one day and realize new and different things are in store for you, and that's what happened in some way to the four of us. We are bummed but we are also happy with all the unexpected things we did in our two years. 
Thanks to every one who has seen us. And more thanks to those who have seen us a dozen whatever times.
Thanks to everyone who bought merch and a copy of No Worries.
Thanks to Dee-Are Records for pressing No Worries on tape.
Thanks to everyone that hosted us for a house show.
Thanks to all the bands that we have played and hung out with. Bigger thanks to those who let us borrow gear when ours broke (like always). 
Thanks to everyone who wrote about us.
Thanks to those with WAG tats. That's gnar.
Thanks to the guy who took a flask to the face at the Pile show. That was an accident. Sorry.
Thanks you Pile and Based God.
We have a million more thanks but lastly
Thanks to everyone who actually believed in us. Encouragement goes a long way. One love.

On that note, we have one more show. Our 7/18 show at Neck of the Woods will be our last show. This one will probably burn down the place. So be there. 
And we will release our last song that in the next weeks as our final hurrah.

*Don't shed no tear for me cause I ain't be much of a friend*

- WAG, forever
(Jordon, Mario, Hayden, Lucas)

PS: fuck that WAG dog walking app. Seriously.


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